Chinese astrology

Life of the each individual is special and unique and the task of Chinese Astrology is to decipher that uniqueness.

Chinese Astrology has 12 primary signs, usually referred as Earth Branches. This Zodiac is based on 12-year cycle and the cycle traditionally starts with Rat, followed by Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

However, in Chinese Astrology everyone has four signs (or Branches), related to the year, the month, the day and the hour of birth.

That is why traditional Chinese astrology system is well known as ’’Four Pillars’’.

Four Pillars of the person who was born in the Rabbit year, the Pig month, the Ox day and the Goat Hour.

Chinese astrology – all about sings


Chinese Signs – Branches stereotypes are sometimes very close to Western ones and Rabbits are here viewed as quick and shy creatures while Tigers tend to be bold and courageous.

Snakes and Rats do not have negative connotations, while Pigs are seen as very productive creatures.

Dragons are mighty creatures who like doing things big way, while Goats are creative and delicate.

Oxes and Dogs are very productive but rather conservative; Horses are outgoing while Roosters and Monkeys tend to be ambitious…

Branches and Elements

Chinese Astrology is complicated, because we have to put together 12 Branches with 5 Elements.

Five Elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water and they come as strong or weak (Yang/Yin) and that is how we get 10 Heavenly Stems.

When we combine 12 Branches with 10 Heavenly Stems (5 Elements), we get Four Pillars chart for the particular person.

When we combine Branches and Elements that are in this system referred as Heavenly Stems, we got the clear picture of the elemental balance in person’s life.

Now we can read the character and provide more information about person’s life, talents, childhood, parents, career, love life, health, etc.

Four Pillars

Each Pillar (combo of one Branch and one Stem) has its own attributes and while Year Pillar is more related to person’s appearance, Day Pillar is known as true self, while Hour Pillar is about hidden talents and capabilities.

While a person might appear to be a delicate and shy Rabbit, due to having Monkey in the Day Pillar (true Self), her inner nature may be more firm and competitive.

Chinese astrology – Luck Cycles

Besides the internal dynamics appearing inside Four Pillars, there is also external dynamics coming to us in 10-years Luck Cycles.

An evaluation of the current Luck Cycle may indicate certain important matters, guiding a person on how to get the most out of the current situation as well as circumstances and events in the future.

It can often be the case that certain paths are closed to a particular individual at a specific time, while other paths are open, offering different opportunities, but leading to the same level of fulfillment and happiness.

Knowing more about our Luck is the basis of great accomplishments as it reveals the best choices, timing and other such important information.

Luck always follows certain cycles and, in addition to the 10-year Luck Cycles (Da Yun, or big luck) there are also annual luck cycles (Xiao Yun).

The perfect time for a Four Pillars Chinese Astrology Consultation is when:

  • you want to know more about your life, destiny and luck
  • you would like to have your wealth, relationships and health evaluated
  • you would like to learn more about a specific situation or how something could develop
  • you would like an explanation for certain things in your past
  • you would like to better understand a current situation in your life and also its implications
  • you need guidance on how to deal with a certain situation and how to turn it into an advantage
  • you want answers to certain questions
  • you want to know what is the best career for you
  • you want to plan ahead and you require insights into future trends
  • you would like to start your own business or expand an existing one
  • you want to learn more about your employees


To schedule your Chinese Astrology Consultation, please send an e-mail containing your DOB (Year, Month, Day and Hour), gender, delivery preferences (Skype/written) – and up to 3 specific questions.

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