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Title: A Course in Chinese Astrology: Reveal Your Destiny, Harness Your Luck with Four Pillars
Author: Althea S.T.
Chapters: 10 (+Glossary +Appendix)
Pages: 310
Illustrations: 50
Tables: 50
Charts: 50
Case Studies: 9
Price: 40$
Cover: Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-86-902077-4-9


Have you ever wondered what the key to true prosperity and happiness is? Do you wake up each morning with that ‘I should be achieving more’ thought sailing through your mind? You’ve done everything possible to change the tides, yet the harsh waves of life still come crashing through.

Perhaps there’s one thing you’ve ignored; one thing that has been the secret of countless historical icons including the great emperors of China – Chinese Astrology. For eons now the knowledge of Chinese Astrology and the Ancient Four Pillars system, two closely guarded secrets of the ancient world have been the bastion that upheld numerous leaders and their correspondent nations. A Course in Chinese Astrology written by the prolific astrology virtuoso Althea S.T takes you on a privileged walk through the lush gardens of plentiful knowledge and life-changing revelations that is Chinese Astrology.

What was I destined for? How do I manage my life, my destiny, and my luck? How can I master the diverse crisscrossing elements of life to better my fortunes in health and wealth? Through this book, Althea helps you first to understand the rudiments of life on earth and the foundational forces that orchestrate all earthy happenings before leading you through a soul-searching journey that provides crystal clear answers to life’s most pressing questions and challenges…

A Course in Chinese Astrology is life’s ultimate Chauffeur. When you’re lost it helps you find a footing; when you’re low on confidence, it reinvigorates you to confront life challenges head-on; and when you’re confused on what decisions to take it serves as a searchlight that grants you the ability to peer into the darkest corners of uncertainty.

Through ten chapters brimming with secrets and revelations, Althea S.T divulges the most intimate secrets of Four Pillars Chinese Astrology. You will be groomed on how to derive your own Four Pillars and then taught the ancient methods of interpreting the results of this derivation. A Course in Chinese Astrology addresses all tenets of Astrology as it relates to health, wealth and wellbeing from the foundation, in bits, and in an easy to understand, yet comprehensive manner.

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