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A Course in Chinese Astrology: Reveal Your destiny, Harness Your Luck with Four Pillars is a book about Life, Luck, Crossroads, Bad Choices and Smart Decisions.

This book has been carefully designed to inspire you to rethink your life. It will help you understand the current moment, anticipate change and most importantly – reach informed decisions. You will learn the root causes of specific issues, understand the probable implications, and gain a profound understanding of how to act in order to get the most out of certain situations. Recognize your Relationship and Wealth potentials, finding the best time to act in order to achieve your goals. This book is IDEAL for those who want to understand their own life, appreciate Life in general, and realize their potentials! It will also benefit those who need reliable information for coaching or additional means to identify imbalances. All this information is packed into 10 Chapters, 100 tables and illustrations, with a whole chapter on Case Studies.


This is the only Chinese Astrology book you will ever need!

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