“If you or anybody you know is interested in learning Chinese Astrology, this is a must have book. It is packed full of great information (ranging from basic to intermediate to advanced levels) and all very well organized, too. Knowing the patterns in your birth charts or those of your loved ones will help you understand yourself and others better. You’ll see from the sections that talk about harm, punishment, and destruction combinations why others keep on acting or doing stuff that are self-destructive or oppressive. The chapters on finding and activating your noblemen stars (to find or meet people who can help you in your endeavors) and peach blossom stars (stars or energies that would make you attractive or boost your sales) are rare to find in any Chinese Astrology books. It gives a crash course in feng shui for activating the aforementioned stars. This book is truly a treasure and something I would surely refer to again and again in my future Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui consultations. ”


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