Date Selection – Best Dates for important activities!

Different dates carry different energy and therefore they may be auspicious or inauspicious, not only in general, but both for certain person and-or activity. Without favorable date being selected, important activities might never work to its fullest, because good start is necessary in order to provide favorable outcome.

Best Dates for all important activities

Date Selection makes very important part of Feng Shui application and it can be used for planning changes in the environment, to activate different Feng Shui features.

Also, including installing Water inside or outside the property and general potential of the property (this includes selecting the best possible moving-in date).

Of course, you should ask for the favorable date before you start constructing, reconstructing, renovating, moving-in, changing doors, moving beds, etc.

Date Selection is about selecting the right time for important activities

First of all, Date Selection might be used for various Personal and Business activities. The process of Date Selection includes using Tong Shu, Ba Zi and Xuan Kong Da Gua secret theory.

All for finding the best possible connection between certain people, dates and purposes might ensure enhancing people luck and providing the best possible outcome for specific activities.

You may consider Date Selection for the following Personal purposes:

  • Moving into the property
  • Engagement and Wedding date
  • Cosmetic and medical Interventions (laser intervention, dental procedures, surgical intervention…)
  • Loosing weight (starting with Diet or working-out, it goes easier)
  • Property buying
  • Job application or interview…
  • Medical examinations (for the sake of proper diagnostics), beginning of the treatment
  • Vacation and traveling
  • Loan application and signing
  • Litigation and Divorce papers application and signing
  • Exam passing

You may consider Date Selection for the following Business purposes:

  • Moving into the property
  • Starting new relevant partnership and cooperation
  • Grand Opening (or the new Business opening)
  • Signing of important contracts
  • Important business transactions (property buying, investing…)
  • Hiring the management
  • Starting new marketing campaign
  • Important Business Trips
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