Date Selection Intense Seminar


Everything has the potential to be improved upon and certain dates hold the key to significant achievements. The good news is that one can learn how to use dates in order to improve Feng Shui as well as various personal and business matters.

Study Date Selection

 Bearing in mind that this method is all about mastering the more conscious ways of addressing the energy of both time and space. Date selection can become a valuable tool for improving both your personal luck and the overall Feng Shui of a property.

As a result, selecting the best dates for construction, renovation and reconstruction may just help you avoid problems and delays … and even eventually contribute to the speedy sale of your property.

Since dates have the ability to trigger both good and bad things, selecting the right dates for both important personal matters and business purposes might just help you find out if the eventual outcome is going to be a success … or a failure.

Selecting dates for engagements, marriage, starting a diet & working out, moving-in or moving into an office, signing contracts, starting campaigns, official openings, promotions…

Date Selection is an inevitable part of professional Feng Shui, and every professional should become proficient in date selection techniques in order to master this practice.

Date Selection has numerous applications in daily life and in Feng Shui, and since good attracts good (and bad attracts bad), mastering the knowledge of good and bad dates can be vital for a happy, fulfilling and successful life.

Whether you require Date Dynamics date selection seminars for your own personal use or in order to provide better quality services to your clients, this is write place for you. It’s good to know that Althea S.T.’s Date Dynamics seminars are based not only on the knowledge she has acquired from numerous masters, but also her own personal long-term research.

Study Date Selection, Modules available in 2017:
Dates Dynamics
Intense Introductory
Days 1,2,3: Basic concepts, Dates Dynamics Introduction and Advanced Concepts.
Dates Dynamics
Intense Practitioner Course
Days 1,2: How to choose Dates for Feng Shui, Personal and Commercial purposes. Special days, special purposes. How to find best dates in 2017 for different purposes.

WHO have Date Selection Intense Seminars been designed for?

  • Anyone who has practiced Feng Sui for a while and wants to improve and move up to a higher level;
  • For those wishing to improve in whatever they do;
  • People who want to increase their own efficiency and be in control of the outcome of certain activities;
  • Those wanting to harmonize with the flow of time & Tao of certain events;
  • Those wanting to harmonize with the flow of time & Tao of certain events;
  • And people wanting a new career in which they can transform their own and other people’s lives…
  • To enroll in the Intense Dates Dynamics date selection introductory seminar and receive more information about dates, prices and details regarding the specific content of each modules, please enquire here.
  • To organize Dates Dynamics date selection seminars in your country, click here.

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