DOG YEAR 2018 – WU XU (1)

Understanding the concept of the Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) is vital when analyzing what is in store for us in the coming year. The year of 2017 brought us a combination of Fire and Metal but at first glimpse 2018 is showing a dominance of the Earth element. In order to be more precise about the influences of 2018, we first need to calculate its Four Pillars chart.


The chart for 2018 shows an abundance of the Wood Element. This has the added effect of making the Fire Element strong in this chart. (Notice that the Self of Dog year 2018 is also Fire). So Wood can be seen in the month, day and hour columns…and stabilizing Earth can be seen dominating the year pillar. You’ll see there is no sign of the Metal Element in this chart, which is not generally a good sign in regards to the global economy.

Strong Fire can be associated with a hot climate, fire, eruptions (volcanoes), explosions, and so on; so all these occurrences are quite possible throughout the course of 2018, especially during summer. An abundance of Wood and Fire is an indication of growth and the presence a strong Resource Element (Wood for Fire) favors research, science, education, religion, metaphysics and spirituality. Hence new discoveries and valuable insights are more likely during this period. From the perspective of Chinese Astrology, industries that are associated with strong Wood and Fire will do well in 2018.

Wood industries: fashion, design, paper, magazines, furniture, education, consultancy, property development
Fire industries: energy, electricity, media, entertainment, IT, the internet, metaphysics, religion, spirituality, promotion, advertising

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DOG YEAR 2018 – WU XU (2)

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