DOG YEAR 2018 – WU XU (2)

The 12 zodiac signs – the winners and losers of 2018

After evaluating the strength of the Five Elements in 2018, we also want to take a look at each the twelve Zodiac Signs and assess their luck. The table below shows the basic luck trends for each sign.

Winners Losers Average


(attractive, successful)




(bad moods, health issues)




(emotional, fame )


(good love luck, smooth development)



(expenses & loss, accidents)



(leadership, property luck)


(wealth opportunities, emotional)



(argumentative, accident prone)



(helpful people, entrepreneurial luck)


(happy occasions, good wealth luck)



(travel more to improve luck)



(irritable, accident prone)


Each of the four pillars in the astrology chart has one Zodiac sign, so there are four signs that rule everyone’s life. Snake will enjoy excellent luck in 2018, so will anyone with Snake somewhere in their chart. So years 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001; the months of May; days need to be calculated; and hours between 9 and 11 am, are likely to have a successful 2018! Additionally if you have Snake plus Goat and/or Rabbit, you will do even better in the approaching Dog year!

The sign Dragon will experience a Clash in 2018. This will affect not only Dragon’s health but also their relationship (conflicts) and wealth (losses). Therefore having Dragon in your chart for 2018 will reduce your luck somewhat. However if you happen to have Snake in one of your four pillars, this will help lessen the level of bad luck. Dogs can expect quite a challenging year in 2018, along with Roosters who will go through a Harm suggesting they shouldn’t pursue anything with too much energy nor expect substantial growth or expansion this year.

Water Rabbits will have a special time during 2018 as this pillar is in complete fusion with the year. They will most likely experience great relationships. And as for Earth Dogs, they can expect to go through “Fu Yin time” and all its associated issues such as loneliness.


Will you have a wealthy Dog year?

One’s Self is an essential part of their chart and destiny – showing specific opportunities which will be available in particular years. For example, Wood people (Jia/Yi Self) will experience more opportunities for wealth in 2018. Men who are Wood individuals are likely to have excellent Love Luck. Fire people (Bing/Ding Self) will be more creative, and Fire females maybe find it easier to fall pregnant.

Earth people (Wu/Ji Self) might find they have become more popular. However they may also face fierce competition.

Metal people (Geng/Xin Self) will become more interested in religion, metaphysics and spirituality, and may find themselves getting more involved in therapy and self-improvement.

Finally, for Water people (Ren/Gui Self), 2018 is associated with reputation, respect, status and achievement. Women who are Water can look forward to improved relationship luck, resulting in more opportunities!

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