Feng Shui 2017 – all you need to know…

Feng Shui 2017 –  just for You! Check the luck of your property in The Fire Rooster Year!

Your Feng shui 2017


  • Study Four Pillars Chinese astrology and Classical Feng Shui in Europe, in the best manner of Asian Masters’ tradition. Take an advantage of studying Classical Feng Shui for Practitioners in small groups or one-to-one with a Master. Enroll for an intense three day Genuine Feng Shui & Chinese astrology introductory, conducted in English and scheduled for the beginning of June 2017 in Zurich, Switzerland, or a 7 day Advanced Practitioners Feng Shui course (part 1,2,3), with Four Pillars introduction in November 2017, also in Zurich.
  • To learn more about Classical Feng Shui, for a sneak peak at consultations and course content, to find your daily Yi Jing wisdom, to assess monthly favorable dates, to calculate Flying Stars for your property or your personal Four Pillars chart, to read more about Nobleman concept, to understand the importance of the Three Treasures on human life or to find other intriguing topics, visit us at: www.classicallyfengshuied.info and www.altheafengshui.com


Althea S.T. is an author and Life Style Consultant, whose consultations provide informative guidance in everything you might need on the path to creating the life you want. Classical Feng Shui consultation illuminates important information about your property and the best ways to utilize it in order to make use of its potentials. Four Pillars consultation enables understanding of your life path and the current moment of your life. It also guides you in anticipating upcoming changes – in order to make the best choices and to create the most efficient strategy when it comes to using what life has to offer in the near future. Althea can be reached for Feng Shui and/or Four Pillars (Ba Zi) consultation via email: info@altheafengshui.com or classicallyfengshuied@gmail.com


Check your personal luck in Althea’s text Your Chinese Zodiac sign luck in the Fire Rooster year (previously calculate your Ba Zi chart on www.classicallyfengshuied.info/bazi-calculator).

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