Your Feng Shui in 2018

1.Were you aware that the energy patterns influencing your property change annually?
Did you know that these changes can also play a role in your luck and what you accomplish? In fact this is why people experience oscillations in their luck with no obvious explanation.
You can relax however, as a good annual Feng Shui plan can help you to avoid any areas that will create hardship, while teaching you how to use your property to help you and your family thrive.

Your Feng Shui in 2018

Each year, the annual Flying Stars will have an influence on your property (and different locations within it) in distinctive ways. The level and type of influence will depend on your property’s facing, layout and the surroundings. Luckily, we can anticipate these influences, just as we can use Feng Shui on an annual basis, to boost our overall luck and prevent potential misfortune. The simplest and most effective approach is by using certain locations and directions to create your own wealth opportunities!

FS 2018 chart

This chart shows the distribution of different energies within your property in 2018.

The most favorable areas are:

Southeast, South, Southwest and Northwest

The most unfavorable areas are:

North and West

Special Stars can be found in:

Southeast 3 (good luck); Southwest 1 (fulfillment); Northeast 1 (family); Northwest 3 (finding solutions)

How to use your property in 2018

Good areas to sleep in:

– Northwest
– South
– Southeast
– Southwest

Bad areas to sleep in:

– West (sickness)
– North (overall hardship)

Spend time in these favorable locations:

– Southeast (Wealth, #8)
– South (Romance, #4)
– SE3 (Wealth Luck, Long De)
– SW1 (Fulfillment, Fu De)
– NW3 (Optimism, Tai Yang)
– NE1 (Relationship, Tai Yin)

Avoid renovations and reconstruction in the following areas in 2018:

– NW1 (Tai Sui)
– SE1 (Sui Po)
– North (#5 + San Sha)

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