Feng Shui Activations – How to?!

Recently, when talking about Classical Feng Shui, the term Activation might be popping up quite often. Given that the meaning of the term is still insufficiently known, it is not surprising that many people are asking what was actually activated, and how come that these ’Activations’ suddenly become such an important part of Feng Shui practice.ba_zi_life

All about Activations in Classical Feng Shui

Activations were always the essential part of Classical Feng Shui practice, though not on such a scale as today.

I believe that in the old times, there was not so much need for additional internal activations, though moving-in date was always the important part of Feng Shui practice and property activation. Then we were more directly related with nature

Nowadays, we may not be aware of our connection with external features and sources of energy Ch’i.  But our relationship with the earth and the environment is still there, no matter where we live.

Therefore, I do believe that it is still very important to connect with the energy sources present in our environment – if not even more important then ever.

Activation’s secret: matching of space, time & person

activationWe may say that `Activation` is a common term for different procedures related to certain time and location, though they may also include specific directions and – people.

Sometimes, Activations might be general (just time-location related) and these types of Activations are for example Four Annual Activations.

These activations are addressing four types of Luck, and they are related to certain locations (each year, different 4 locations).

The most popular one is Long De Activation, supposedly bringing good luck in general and particularly good wealth luck (some people are claiming that they have accumulated huge gains just by applying this specific type of activation).

Activations might be more specific and they can target Sitting, Facing or the main Entrance of the property, aiming to different types of results (long term and slow, fast and very fast).

Usually, when selecting Moving-In date, Feng Shui practitioner is aiming to connect the property with users, so that users can gain from that Connection.

Moreover, some properties might be sleeping until activated, and only after being activated, they might reach the full potentials.

Sometimes, there might be a significant and also beneficial external feature in our surroundings, and we can choose the date to connect the property (and ourselves) with that source of Ch’i, in order to gain the benefits out of their existence.

For example, if you are living in Geneva, Switzerland, and you can see Mountain Saleve through the window, you can also connect your property with that tremendous Ju Men Mountain, and your wealth status might benefit a lot from that Activation.

More personal, please

facesContemporary living has opened a totally new chapter in Feng Shui ‘Activations’ story.

Nowadays, we are not limited to main entrance, facing or sitting activations. But, we can also activate each door, bed, stove, desk or a single office, depending of its importance to usin this age of individualism.

Feng Shui Activations have also become more personal, demanding that practitioner should be familiar not only with Feng Shui but also Ba Zi.

Today’s Activations might be more personalized and targeted to specific problem solving, requiring one degree precision in selecting an adequate location.

The most important part of these Personal Activations is to define the problem in the most accurate manner and then to select the place and time that would connect the Person with certain time and location.

How to Activate

As I have previously said, there are some General Activations and more Personal ones. Four Noble stars activations, as general ones, may last 15-45 minutes and they can be performed in the most suitable time.

Some people are applying Tai Yang, Tai Yin, Long De or Fu De activations before some important happenings and actions (before going to job interview, closing a deal, etc.), the other ones are performing activations in accordance to 15 day Formula.

fishThese Activations, together with Personal or House Noblemen Activations might be performed with applying intense activity in the area, i.e. making noise, moving furniture in the designated area, using fire, gong, bells, clapping, etc.

Some other activation may demand only water placement in the designated area for a relatively short period of time, up to 15 days. The most complex and subtle but yet very powerful Da Gua activations may last from one day to a week, with possible exceptions.

These activations demands great precision in determining the exact spot(s) for activations accompanied by the very accurate timing and complicated Gua selection process.

Activating beneficial, deactivating inauspicious

Besides Activating beneficial Annual and Personal Locations, we can also deactivate certain Inauspicious Locations, like San Sha.

In theory, it is possible not only to deactivate bad locations, but it might be also probable to reverse the situation and extract positive qualities out of some bad Feng Shui guys, appearing at different Locations each year.

The Results

problemIn general, we are using Activations in Feng Shui practice to move the energy in certain locations and directions, to connect with our space and to wake up its unawake potentials.  And – to solve various personal/business issues.

Activations work in a similar way to ‘open points’ method in acupuncture, extracting the Qi from certain areas in the exact time when the area is the most open and susceptible for extraction.

Whoever has tried Feng Shui Activations might notice that the activation results might vary, depending on year, season (etc.), issue and the type of the activation performed.

For example, simple activations like Personal Noblemen and Sky Horse activations might work very fast, together with Long De and Tai Yang activations, provided that they are performed in a proper season and in the best possible date.

However, Activation’s results also depend very much of the property and relationship of the users with the property and designated area (especially important in performing Xuan Kong Da Gua).

Also, because of their connectedness with the space, some people in certain property may have better (Activation) results than the other people in the same property.

Since everything is connected, it may happen sometimes that triggering certain area may also trigger specific Shen Sha, Flying Stars and-or Hexagrams.

Avoiding Clashes is very important in every Activation business, but it may happen that Person’s Peach Blossom Star might be her Destruction star at the same time.

In such a case, Activating Peach Blossom could also bring some other happenings in Person’s life and she should be warned about this issue.

Every Activation is touching Xuan Kong and therefore most practitioners do take care of the Monthly and-or Daily Flying Stars in the area of activation, for sometimes Stars may quickly show their pleasant and-or unpleasant side.

Besides Flying Stars, I am also taking care of the Hexagrams affected, so I in my Activations I am providing the selection of specific Hexagrams, both good by nature and beneficial for the person.

So far, you could conclude that Activations are not an easy job, and you might be right, of course.

But, let’s admit it, EVERYTHING in life comes with something else in the package.

We can not avoid big accomplishments because of the possible small disturbances, for in such a way we would not accomplish much, is it?

friendsThere are no doubts that in Activation Business you should be very careful and precise, cross-checking many things.

For the best activation results might be expected whenever the relationship between the space, time and person is accomplished.

Once each puzzle falls into its place, the harmonious connection is established and the incoming results might overcome any possible expectation, covering huge range of achievements, starting from improving personal health, relationships & luck in general – to disputes settlement, quick property sale,improving sales,attracting investors overnight, improving market position of the company,etc.

Unquestionably, each person’s life is miraculous and full of opportunities, but it in up to each of us whether we would use them up – or just walk by.

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