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Title: A Course in Real Feng Shui: Make Your Property Work for you, At all Times

Author: Althea S.T.

Pages: 340

Chapters: 10

Illustrations and tables: 200
ISBN: 978-86-902077-5-6

A Course in Real Feng Shui

For most people, the decision of where to stay and where to work is an arbitrary one, taken with utmost laxity and based on superficial factors like cost efficiency, profitability and personal convenience. Many are oblivious to the fact that their choice property whether for work or residential purposes has a direct effect on their overall health happiness and prosperity. Althea S.T a renowned writer and veteran practitioner of the sacred art of Feng Shui helps you see why and how your property influences your general wellbeing with her bestselling book – A Course in Real Feng Shui.

Do you want to find a property that works for you? Are you aware that properties differ in terms of the potentials they possess to better the lives of their occupants? If your answer to any of these questions is yes then you’re in luck – A Course in Feng Shui; the ancient art of positioning buildings and allocating furniture and rooms in accordance with the best Qi, will help you discover the latent benefits of the immediate external environment.

In this book, Althea presents the revered art of Feng Shui in ten enthralling chapters complete with over 200 illustrations and tables. You will be chaperoned through a deeply spiritual journey that exposes you to the two methods of Feng Shui assessment – Ba Zhai and Fei Xing. And when you’re done with this, Althea reveals the secrets of performing activations and good luck accelerations on an annual basis. As a cherry topping to the Feng Shui cake Althea provides a detailed expose on Four Pillars Astrology before rounding off with a collation of important tables and a Date Selection calendars.

The goal as always is to equip you the reader with the necessary tools, truths and edge to actively manipulate your properties and structures in a way that they work for you – helping to release spiritual juices that nurture and fertilize your quest for ultimate prosperity and all round wellbeing. A Course in Real Feng Shui dissects all the intricacies of the practice of Feng Shui in a relatable manner that appeals to both Feng Shui Novices (for its simplicity) and Maestros (for its breadth of knowledge and incisive analysis).


Althea S.T., author of many inspirational Feng Shui and Chinese astrology books, is an internationally-renowned Feng Shui and Four Pillars Chinese Astrology consultant and teacher. Her vast experience has been forged by studying with the best Asian masters in the world regarding Feng Shui, Four Pillars Chinese astrology, Date Selection, Yi Jing, and Xuan Kong Da Gua.

Althea S.T. believes that knowledge, awareness, and persistence can change everything—if only people are willing to be actively involved in their own transformation.



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