Feng Shui Consultations Info


Required information for Feng Shui Consultations:

  • Google Earth view of the property (property should be marked).
  • Cadastral excerpt.
  • Apartment/office building: further explanation of the apartment/office placement in the building.
  • Photos of the property and surroundings (jpg, zipped in one file, with further explanation provided in a separate file); the pictures of the apartment/office building should be taken both from the vicinity and across the street; access to the property should be visible, together with the main gate and-or entrance.
  • Year the property was moved-in for the first time.
  • Year you have moved into the property.
  • Significant property changes: when and what was changed (additions, roof and floor replacement, door placement change, main gate change, etc.).
  • Property floor plan: scaled, scanned, PDF.
  • Another copy of the floor plan with marked bed and stove placement (residential) or CEO & Key people’s desk placement (commercial); scanned, PDF.
  • Residential property: DOB of the residents.
  • Commercial property: DOB of the owner/CEO/Key people.
  • Objectives (next 1-5 years).

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