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Ba Zi mentorship

Four Pillars (Ba Zi) Astrology Personal Tutoring is ideal for anyone who wants to move quickly though the study process and prepare for consultation with clients. These sessions will expand your knowledge, helping you gain valuable insights, and will also give you the opportunity to study a particular subject in greater depth such as relationships, wealth, health and chart structures. Discussing different types of charts will not only increase your knowledge but will also help you become more confident when consulting all types of clients. Learn how to guide others towards the best strategies and decisions, helping them transform their life! Whether you are already a practitioner, or want to become one, these Personal Tutoring Sessions will give you practical yet secret help with your Chinese Astrology consultations.

To schedule your Astrology Tutoring Sessions, send us an email.

* Depending on your goals and the arrangements you make with Althea, home study may also be required.

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