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privacy notice

You should know that no information s collected while you visit these websites, unless in registration process, when you sign up for using additional services provided on these websites.

Privace notice for confidentiality!

When you register at Althea S.T. websites or subscribe to ClassicallyFengShuied Newsletter, you will be asked to provide information about yourself, such as your name, address, e-mail, DOB, gender, contact details.

In order of improving our services, we may ask you from time to time to participate in our surveys and it s up to you to choose whether you are going to participate in our surveys.

We may use information you provide to fulfill your personal or professional needs or respond to your inquiries about our activities, services, etc., to keeping you informed by communicating with you about news, articles or any other matters that may interest you.

Also, we may use non-personally identifiable information (your country, time zone, gender, birth date, etc.) to improve the content of our websites or to personalize services (we may let you know if any activity is planned in your region) and make our services more available to you.

Coookies offer a full advantage!

By using cookies on both websites and they give us useful information about your preference on a particular website, enabling us to provide more useful features.

Although cookies may identify your computer, tablet or phone, they are not used for identifying the users personally.

Most browsers are set up to accept cookies and accepting cookies may enable you to take full advantage of the certain features of our websites, but you are free to alter these settings at any moment.

All personal information you may provide are kept strictly confidential, and you should know that we are not sharing our information with any third parties.

The only exception when we will disclose information to is in the case of subpoena or court of law order. Althea S.T holds the right to alter or modify this Privacy Notice and it is up to users to monitor any changes of the Policy.

Clients Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

Personal information about our clients using consultations is strictly protected and Althea S.T. policy is not to discuss client services with third parties.

Unless such information is already available in public, we wouldn’t reveal the names of the clients who use our services.

In the case that we might like to use the names for reference purposes, we could ask for client’s permission. Regarding high profile clients, it is out custom that our services are conducted in a discreet manner.

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