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Althea’s Four Pillars (Ba Zi) Chinese Astrology Courses benefit not only those who want to coach others professionally but anyone who is keen to add this deep and extraordinary diagnostic tool to their life, career or business (HR, life and business coaches, therapists, counselors, dating agencies, etc.). Throughout the Basic, Advanced, Practitioner and Mastery levels of these studies you will grow to understand the work of the inherited patterns of Destiny… and the influence of time through the Luck Cycles. You will master the best techniques for advising clients, and be coached on how to approach them in accordance with their charts. Obtain a powerful tool to be used for anticipating internal and external changes and using any opportunities within reach. Hopefully, these studies will also help you to reestablish your connection with Life and tune into the rhythms of nature, empowering you to coach others through the important times in their lives!


Enroll in Althea’s Chinese Astrology studies to develop into a learned coach and trusted consultant! As a bonus, once you’ve completed these studies you will be offered a specialization, in accordance with your own chart (become an expert on consulting with entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs, etc. or specialize in health or relationship assessment). To enroll in these Chinese Astrology Studies, send us an email.

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