Feng Shui Courses


Master Feng Shui by moving through four different levels – from beginner to master – over a period of one year.

Working through the Basic, Advanced, Practitioner and Mastery levels you’ll gradually be introduced to the REAL practice and finesse of Feng Shui. This is the difference between you being a good Feng Shui practitioner and an outstanding one!

These courses are ideal for anyone who wants to master real Feng Shui and establish a trustworthy consulting practice. You’ll be gaining information that can’t be found in books or in other courses. You will learn how to assess a location, position buildings, choose the ideal property or design a new one from scratch. Dispel any doubts and discover how to harmoniously blend different methods in order to assess a property’s potentials, activate these potentials and find the best possible solutions. You will also be mastering some powerful formulas and learning the basics of the Luo Pan compass. Best of all you’ll have the option of specializing afterwards in Xuan Kong Da Gua and Date Selection!


* How REAL Feng Shui works in practice

* The difference between an average and outstanding practitioner

* How to assess a property and activate its chart

* How to deal with the “grey areas” of Feng Shui

* The value of Four Pillars Astrology

* When to seek long term results and when speedy solutions are better

* How to apply Date Selection to improve your Feng Shui practice

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To explore the contents of A Course in Real Feng Shui book simply follow this link: www.bit.ly/FENGBOOK

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