Study Yi Jing – Revealing 64 Dynamics


Reveal the secrets of Yi Jing!

Study Yi Jing, also known as ‘The Book of Changes’ is a deep and mysterious system that holds the keys to all the possible insights and answers.

The philosophy of Yi Jing is that life is an endless sequence of recurring changes.

Therefore comprehension of Hexagrams is not only about understanding one’s existing personal dynamics and anticipating the outcome of certain events, but it may also deepen individual’s understanding of nature, cycles and surroundings.

This system consists of 64 Hexagrams – each Hexagram being a unique feature which defines the core of certain life phenomena and situations.

Whether we refer to this process as divination or communication with subconscious mind, dealing with Hexagrams is all about reaching for the unseen and getting in touch with hidden patterns, whilst grasping into the much subtler parts of reality.

Yi Jing can be viewed both as means of divination as well as a self-development tool.

Moreover, understanding where we are now and where we are heading to, can often have the added bonus of turning Yi Jing into our ‘secret’ life coach.

There are many methods of working with Hexagrams and while some of these approaches may not seem so simple at first glance. Once a person has penetrated deeper into the nature of Hexagrams, the point where a book of interpretation is no longer needed – can be easily reached.

Additionally, Yi Jing may enrich people’s understanding of life and existing dynamics, opening new perspectives and helping them grasp previously unimaginable concepts.

On top of everything, getting closer to Yi Jing opens the door to the subtle practice of Feng Shui Da Gua and the associated super-fine adjustments of a property.

Study Yi Jing, Modules available in 2017:

Yi Jing
Revealing 64 Dynamics
Days 1,2,3: Yi Jing introductory.
Yi Jing
Dynamics of now
Days 1,2,3: Exploring the dynamics of now.

Who have Yi Jing Intense Seminars been designed for?

  • For people wanting to increase their own level of awareness and intuition;
  • Those aiming for a better understanding of their current situation and wishing to establish a closer relationship with the moment RIGHT NOW;
  • Those wanting to delve into the deeper aspects of certain dilemmas and the consequences of making certain decisions;
  • For all those wishing to harmonize with current energy flows…

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