The Rolex Way

The Rolex Way: Going Where Few Have Gone Before

Rolex is not only the official time-keeper at Wimbledon and the Australian Open, but the company is also a recognized symbol of success and prosperity all across the globe. Individuals everywhere desire this ‘Lamborghini among watches’, hoping that it will improve their reputation and make them into more significant members of society. Not long ago a young entrepreneur confided in me that he will only consider himself to be really successful after he buys himself this expensive toy, reminding me once again of the huge influence of this powerful brand.

With Rolex it is about appearance, performance and precision. However it is not ONLY about these qualities. This brand also tells a story of luxury, prestige and exclusivity. It is world renowned as the largest single luxury watch brand today, and according to a press release, Rolex still produces 2000 luxury watches daily. Nonetheless, the reputation of the world’s ultimate watch maker wasn’t established overnight. The company was founded in the U.K. back in 1905 and the headquarters were moved to Switzerland in 1919. From that time onwards, for more than hundred years, despite stiff and growing competition (Omega, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Tissot, Hublot, Patek Philipe, Piguet, Rado, Longines, Certina, Festina, Frederic Constant, Blancpain, Vacheron Constantin, etc.), Rolex has not only managed to survive but also to thrive!

We are well aware that there is always marvelous Feng Shui behind the success of any business, so I wanted to take a closer look at the ‘Rolex approach’. When it comes to the Feng Shui of globally successful businesses, it is important to assess their headquarters. Accordingly I recently visited the site of the Rolex headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, where I noticed a few obvious things, together with some interesting hidden features.

In terms of the OBVIOUS features, it is very clear that Rolex HQ consists of one very tall, massive green glass building surrounded by lower, irregular-shaped black glass buildings, creating an immediate embrace.

Five Elements-wise, the tall green building, without a doubt, is a Wood-type feature. Meanwhile the black ones are Water types. There is a huge Ming Tang in front – a very important feature for great Feng Shui – created by a pool of water. Since Water produces Wood, the Wood Element becomes prosperous, and this is significant as Wood is the Wealth Element for this industry!

While the shapes and colors seen in all this grandeur may be very effective – the bigger the structure the stronger the effect – real Feng Shui uses prominent landscape features to ensure enduring riches for the client. As you can see in the short video I filmed, there is a mountain in the vicinity of the Rolex complex and in Feng Shui mountains are considered to be important because they can be related to the property, contributing to its ongoing prosperity. In fact they play an essential role in certain formulas.

More importantly, there is also a water mouth nearby, and this is the HIDDEN feature which actually feeds the business. In certain cases, we use pools of water at the front of a property to accumulate Qi, as well as to attract any Qi which is already present in the environment. Ideally, we want to match the property’s main entrance facing with the closest Qi mouth; this will provide lasting success for the business.

This was a brief assessment of the Rolex headquarters, which confirmed, once again, that true prosperity can be just a water mouth away by using real Feng Shui…

Rolex HQ checkpoints
(for Feng Shui lovers)
√ Embrace
√ Ming Tang
√ Water
√ Qi Mouth
Facing: Gen
Facing Hexagram: 17
Probable activation of Wu Gui Yun Zai formula

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